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The Velocity 187002

Floor Plan Details

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BEDS: 4     BATHS: 2     SQ FT: 2099     W X L: 27‘ 6” x 76‘ 4“


BUILT BY: Friendship Homes


The Velocity 187002



Side Wall Height: 8’ Flat Ceiling
Floor Joists: Tranverse Floor Joists – 16” O.C
Exterior Wall Studs: 2X6 Exterior Wall Studs
Exterior Wall On Center: 16” O.C.
Floor Decking: Tongue & Groove OSB Floor Decking
Insulation - Floor: R-11
Insulation - Wall: R-11 (R-19 available)
Insulation - Ceiling: R-30


Roof Pitch: 3/12 Roof Pitch
Exterior Lighting: Porch Light At Front & Rear Doors
Siding: Royal Vinyl Siding w/Sheathing
Shingles: Owens Corning Shingles with 25 Year Warranty
Rear Door: 34 x 82 9 Lite Rear Door W/Storm
Front Door: 34 x 82 Decorator Front Door W/Storm
Window Type: Kinro 60” Vinyl Windows


Furnace: Gas furnace w/Electric Ignition
Electrical Service: 100 Amp
Washer Dryer Plumb Wire: Wire & Vent For Dryer / Plumb for Washer
Water Shut Off Valves: Water Shut-Off Valves Thru-out
Water Heater: 30 Gallon Dual Element Electric Water Heater


Safety Alarms: Smoke Alarms
Ceiling Texture: Stippled Ceiling
Interior Doors: White 6-Panel Interior Doors
Window Type: Kinro 60” Vinyl Windows


Kitchen Sink: Deep SS Kit Sink
Kitchen Countertops: Seamless Countertops
Kitchen Refrigerator: White 18 CF 2-Door Refrigerator
Kitchen Range Type: White 30” Gas Range w/Elec. Ignition
Kitchen Range Hood: Power Vent Range Hood


Bathroom Fans: Exhaust Fans
Bathroom Sink: 36” High Bath Lavs
Bathroom Bathtubs: Fiberglass Tubs
Bathroom Countertops: Seamless Countertops

Please Note:
All sizes and dimensions are nominal or based on approximate builder measurements. Centennial Homes reserves the right to make changes due to any changes in material, color, specifications, and features anytime without notice or obligation.