Halloween Photo Contest

Centennial Homes, a manufactured housing retailer in South Dakota, is hosting a photo contest for kids this Halloween. The prize is a $250 gift card from Toys R Us. All you have to do is Like their Facebook Page and submit your entry. The submission with the most votes will be named the winner. The deadline to enter is November 5, 2012 at midnight. Vaote will be counted until November 16, 2012 at midnight.

Centennial homes held a Cute Kids Photo contest in August 2012 and Jenn Binstock of Dickinson, North Dakota was awarded a gift card from Toys R Us for the sum of two hundred-fifty dollars.

For more information on this contest, please vist Centennial Homes on Facebook.

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FREE Pumpkin Carving Pattern – Spooky House

Here is another pumpkin carving stencil from Centennial Homes.

Click on the image to enlarge for printing.

Please send us a photo on Facebook.

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FREE Pumpkin Carving Pattern – Centennial Homes Logo

With Halloween right around the corner, people are searching for interesting patterns to use to carve the perfect Jack-o-lantern.  We have decided to post some of our favorite patterns for you to use.  Be sure to check back over the day leading up to Halloween for more stencils.

If you use one of our designs on your pumpkin, please post a picture of it on our Facebook Page.  http://www.facebook.com/centennialhomes

Click on the image above to see the full sized version.  Then print it out and have fun carving.

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Moving and Packing Guide

Although moving can be a stressful step for a family, it can be less of a hassle when you get a head start. Preparation is the key to a smoother move – whether you do it yourself or hire a moving company. Look over this moving and packing guide to find out how to time your move, choose a mover, rent a truck, get organized, pack your possessions and get settled in your new home.

Do-It-Yourself Moving

The most economical way to move is to do-it-yourself. Sounds simple enough, just rent a truck, load up your stuff and go. This can be a good choice if you’re not going far, don’t have a lot of things to haul and have a strong back.

But think twice about a long distance do-it-yourself move. When you factor in all the costs, gasoline, motels, meals, insurance, packing materials, truck and equipment rental, you may not save as much as you planned.

Consider a few questions before you decide to handle your own move. Do I have time to pack, load, unload and drive? How many heavy items, like furniture and appliances, do I have to move? Am I physically capable to do this hard work? Do I have friends and family that can help me through relocation? Can I handle a big truck over a long distance?

Shop around for truck rates, and don’t rent more truck than you need. Rental companies have charts that help you calculate what’s needed to haul your belongings. Companies like U-Haul and Ryder make it easier with step-by-step moving and packing guidance.

Moving With Kids

Almost all children resist the idea of moving. The older the child, the more difficulty he or she will have with the family’s move. The thought of leaving friends, facing new kids in a new school and adjusting to a new community can be overwhelming. But there are ways to help your kids feel more comfortable before, during and after the move.

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Manufactured Home Heating Maintenance Tips

It’s very important to make sure your manufactured home furnace operates safely and efficiently during winter weather. You can perform many routine furnace maintenance jobs, while other procedures are best handled by a qualified repair person. Most furnace manufacturers recommend a professional inspection of fuel lines, safety controls, burner and flue pipe every year. Your utility company may provide a free inspection.

You should replace disposable furnace filters regularly. Remove and wash, brush or vacuum permanent filters. Remove the cover of the thermostat and vacuum away dust and dirt. Check the exhaust vent from furnace. Clear obstructions like leaves or animal nests from the vent pipe. Keep roof exhaust vents clear of excess snow build-up.

Inspect blower motor. Vacuum any accumulated dirt. Inspect V-belt and pulleys for wear. If the belt moves more than an inch when you push it, tighten it. Check air intake. Most manufactured home furnaces draw combustion air from beneath the home, so keep four to six vents in the skirting to allow free air passage.

Check flue assembly for alignment and rigidity. It should run in a straight line from the top of furnace through the ceiling. Be sure the flue is attached to the furnace collar. Check to make sure there is no loose wiring near the flue. If there is wiring in the flue area, move and secure it well away from the flue pipe.

Carpeting in furnace compartment should be removed and replaced with fireproof material. Some manufactured home furnaces have wire mesh in front of the stack to prevent storage on top of the furnace. If this mesh is missing, replace it.

Clean out debris in furnace area, and don’t allow even small amounts to accumulate. Never use your furnace closet for storage or drying clothes. This is a fire hazard.

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